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Now to some current National Issues.

As a first time visitor to any Pentecostal church, you probably wrote down your number and received texts with invitations
and inspirational messages directly from the

Or Maybe you have a bank account and signed up for text alerts & end up being charged even for the “Happy Birthday” you are sent once a year.


Or you recently received an invitation to a wedding or some other occasion via sms
Or you stay somewhere like Ibadan (Our Headquarters) and receive personalized text messages directly from the Governor himself, Or....

Ok, We didn’t bring you all the way here just to tell you stories but have you ever thought of:

·The thousands of churches over the country and how many million members they get weekly?
·How many customers your bank sends sms to daily all over the country?
· How many occasions are held on a daily/ weekly basis over the country?
· How many million gsm users in Oyo State receive congratulatory texts per broadcast?
When you get the answers to these questions, You’d realise that you’ve been MISSING OUT ON THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY
brought about with the introduction and fast spread of GSM services all over the country!!

Some Statistics...
1. Over 10 Billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians in Every year.
2. Many Nigerians are moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS especially small businesses as this is Cheaper for them
3. With the Reforms in the telecom Industry in Nigeria, More than 40 million Nigerians use GSM phones and the number increases at an alarming rate daily

4. The average Nigerian sends about 5 sms per day. Calculating That (with conservative estimates) if half of the 40million Nigerians mentioned above send just two SMS per day at N5.00, That would be 20,000,000 x N5 *
2= N200,000,000!! (Two Hundred Million Naira per day!!) which equals over 6 billion Naira per month.



Right now- As you read, there are
thousands of Individuals planning weddings and other events and an appreciable number of businesses looking for a cheaper
but more effective way to advertise their services.
Apart from that, there are so many Individuals who have access to the internet and are sick of spending N4 – N10 per text on their phones.

For So many Years Now, the Bulk SMS Business has been owned and Run by a privileged few who closely hoarded the secrets of starting up and placed so many obstacles to entry for Newcomers. The Few who allowed others to come into the business set up highly restrictive reseller systems where everything was practically owned by the company and clients where hardly given a say on management and operation of their websites.

Features of Our SMS Portal
reseller price as low as 0.68 per unit(We let resellers buy as little as 1000 units)! You can
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-1000 Free units to start with
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